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InSite Engineering, LLC began operating in January 2005, with the simple goal of offering better service and higher quality engineering at a more reasonable cost to selected public and private customers. Over the years, we believe that our Kingdom-focused approach to business has made us successful in meeting this goal and also sincerely believe that your inquiries to our past customers will result in their expressing the same view of their experience with InSite. In fact, over 90% of our annual revenue comes from repeat business, and a significant portion of the remainder is generated by referrals from satisfied customers.

We’re not like those other companies who “…work hard to exceed your expectations…” – – we want to work hard to help you set your expectations correctly and make sure you have a great customer experience. We want to help you solve your very difficult problems – – like the world’s largest PFAS mitigation project that we started designing in 2017 and started producing water from in 2021, or the new water service required for the fire protection system at a lumber yard. We want to become an integral part of your staff and want you to trust us with everything you do. We strive for honesty, integrity and responsiveness in all our relationships with clients and have proven to those working with InSite that the projects we design for them can be completed on schedule and within budget. Because that’s what you should expect, right?  

We are small by some standards – our current staff consists of 33 hard-core entrepreneurial capitalists who want to help you succeed.  We believe that God made us to be significant, to do something significant with our lives, and to have a wide-ranging impact on everyone we come into contact with through our work.  We have two offices – Hoover and Tuscaloosa, Alabama – with one Mission: To PLEASE GOD by improving the quality of life through the design of sustainable infrastructure. Huh? We want to make the world a better place to live. We design subdivisions, water treatment plants, roads, highways, ballparks, community centers, storm shelters, and other similar stuff. Things that improve the quality of life for everyone that is impacted.

We focus on small to mid-sized cities and the utility systems that serve those areas as well as residential and commercial projects in those areas. These are the places where we can have the most immediate impact. Plenty of firms pay attention to the big guys; we want to serve you other guys. We have active projects in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi. We are currently getting licensed in Texas and Louisiana because some of our customers asked us to go there with them. Some of the projects we are working on include a 600-lot residential subdivision, the world’s largest PFAS-mitigation project, removal of PFAS from wastewater, a brand new drinking water plant on Smith Lake, a massive new student housing project on a college campus, and other cool and impactful stuff.

If you aren’t happy with your experience with your current engineering services provider, let us know and we’ll see if we can improve that for you!