About Us

Welcome to InSite Engineering, LLC! We are a seventeen-year-old customer-focused engineering company made up of hard-core entrepreneurial capitalists. We believe that God made us to be significant, to do something significant with our lives, and to have a wide-ranging impact on everyone we come into contact with through our work, and that includes you! We’re not like those other companies who “…work hard to exceed your expectations…” – – we want to work hard to help you set your expectations correctly and make sure you have a great customer experience. We want to help you solve your very difficult problems – – like the world’s largest PFAS mitigation project that we started up in May 2021. We want to become an integral part of your staff and want you to trust us with everything you do.

Our mission: To PLEASE GOD by improving the quality of life through the design of sustainable infrastructure. Huh? We want to make the world a better place to live. We design subdivisions, water treatment plants, roads, highways, ballparks, community centers, storm shelters, and other similar stuff. Things that improve the quality of life for everyone that is impacted.